water-damage-pic-2-300x224Drying out the floor after any wood floor water damage is priority number one. It is suggested to soak up the water with a towel/industrial vacuum (depending on the amount of water), followed by air drying and ventilating the room. Industrial size fans can be rented at hardware stores such as Home Depot and work extremely well. You will want to open the windows a few inches to allow moisture in the air to escape while you do this process.For Larger Areas a commercial dehumidifier should be rented and used . With the dehumidifier all windows should be closed as the dehu will pull out the moisture from the air.

Large Dehumidifier

Large Dehumidifier

You’ll need to dry out the sub flooring as well, which requires you to remove the effected boards and repeat the above soaking/fanning process once more. Now depending on the severity of the flooring Flood damage restoration  you may need to do a full replacement of the floor. For example, if the flooring is warped in any way, it’s your best option as this means the water was not sufficiently removed from the wood in time. At this point keeping the floor boards would put you at risk of mold and wood integrity issues.

Wood Floor Water Damage: Repairing It Yourself

If the water was cleaned up promptly; no more water exists under the floor boards and no warping or slight warping  is present, there is a cheaper option rather than replacement. You will need to rent out a disc sander and belt sander from a local hardware store, and the heavy duty sandpaper to go with it (various grits, I recommend 20-80). You want to start by wearing down the damaged wood surfaces in their entirety starting with the most coarse sandpaper, I recommend using the 20 grit. When you can tell you’ve sanded down through the surface damage, it’s time to gradually move up with the sandpaper, to the 40 grit, 60 grit and finally the 80. This will create smoothness in the wood, and if you finish the process off by sanding it carefully by hand, this will yield the best results.

Wood Floor Water Damage: After The Repair

After the repair is complete, you will need to clean the wood flooring with mineral spirits (rub on with a cloth), followed by 2 or 3 coats of varnish. Let dry and air out the room after each coat. This may take overnight depending on heat and moisture levels. Again, during this process, excellent ventilation will be required. That’s it! If you have a wood floor water damage story to share, post it up below! Source for Article http://www.silverolas.com/san-diego-water-damage-drying.html