Water Damage In Your Home Is Not Fun

I’ve been through it myself, and it’s the very reason I created this website. It’s never a great surprise to find water damage in your home, and can leave you unsure about how to move forward.Can I handle it Myself? Who Do i call ? Will Insurance Pay?


Slow Leak Caused Mold Behind The Cabinet and on it.These had to be Removed and Disposed of.

Fixing water damage can be easy or difficult; it all depends on the surfaces affected and the time span/severity of the damages. The easiest type of water damage is to suck up water from an unfinished basement concrete floor , to fix drywall  ceiling discoloration  is ,somewhat harder  the hardest would be either carpet damage or drywall and water that goes under cabinets. Anytime kitchen water damage  happens its sure to be a good size problem that will need a professional water damage remediation company.

Here are a few general tips:

  • Finding what leaked or flooded and stopping
  • It is critical to fix the root of the damage immediately and not just patch over the affected area
  • The root cause of damage can be located away from where the discoloration is occurring, this is due to water running downwards and towards least resistance.
  • Look for any types of paint discoloration on household surfaces, including walls, ceilings, baseboards and wood.
  • Puddles of water, dripping noises and lack of water pressure are all tell-tale signs of a potential water leaking problem.Hot Concrete or tile floor is a sign of Slab Leak , or pipe leak under the house

Depending on your handyman (or handy woman) skills, sometimes a plumber is necessary to rectify the situation. If the extend of the damage is more than YOUR restoration and plumbing expertise, it is probably best to reach out for help than risk creating even more problems by fixing things incorrectly.

I stress again – the source of the issue must be fixed! Please do not patch over areas and hide the problem as it can end up causing you an even bigger headache down the road.

You’ll be sad. Trust me.


Concrete Floor & Carpet Water Damage

Basement water damage repair is usually very basic and easy. For concrete floors, first you want to extract the water and treat the area with an antimicrobial wash to prevent mold.if just very minor area ,use household fan and Wait until it dry’s. For more severe Starter Moisture Meterflooding where water has soaked up walls , a commercial size dehumidifier should be rented for a week along with commercial fans that are placed around the wet basement  aiming towards the wall in an angle to create a vortex. These days , your hardware store has cheap versions of moisture meters which i highly recommend to buy.This way you can check unaffected areas to get your baseline moisture content ( should be under 16 percent ) and then use the meter to check wood /drywall to ensure drying has been completed.  

Carpet Damage can be a bit trickier. You will need to rent a commercial carpet cleaner and extract the flooded area thoroughly , spray an antimicrobial . This will protect the carpet and get rid of any smells which would have resulted from the water damage.I recommend the carpet pad be removed as it can be difficult to dry. Install Commercial Fans to help Dry the carpet . Put one below the carpet to float the carpet , and several more on top. For extreme cases, consider replacing the carpet. Especially if the fabric texture and appearance is severely altered by the damage, the area may be beyond repair.

Getting a carpet cleaner machine from a rental shop , is usually a good start for extracting water. Stores like home depot or some Lowes carpet cleaner rental Grocery stores also rent some of the smaller carpet cleaning machines such as the rug doctor. Carpets always need to be cleaned after any type of water damage says Oceanside carpet cleaning expert. Even if it is clean water .

Drywall Water Damage

This can be the trickiest as drywall does not always show the moisture content . It could be 100 percent and you may not see a water mark, and you usually can not put your hand on it to check if its wet.  If a major area of drywall is damaged, it will usually require full replacement of the panel. The drywall will start to sag, fall apart and mold if left untreated. In my opinion, this scenario is best left for experts to handle unless you have dry walling experience. For small water damaged patches in the drywall (little spots of discoloration no bigger than a few inches in diameter), you can use the following methodology to fix the problem:

  • Buy some spackling compounds from your local hardware store or order online
  • Cut out the affected areas in the drywall with a knife
  • Apply spackling solution with a putty knife
  • Wipe away excess and let dry (read instructions on the product for details)
  • Apply second coat if needed

Hardwood Floor Water DamageWater Stain & Wood Damage

Clean these patches of discoloration with detergent solution and a sponge, try to soak up as much of the stain as possible. Let it dry, and then apply a stain blocker product. After this process you may wish to repaint the area.

water DAMAGEd Wood Floor 

Hardwood Floors are Difficult to get dry after they get water in and under them. Many factors are involved as there are many types of wood floors, solid wood , engineered wood floors, parquet , and involves sanding and re-varnishing the area. If the damage is soaked deep into the wood, it may take some time to sand it down and smooth it out. Even after the fact, depending on the type of wood you may be left with a darker spot due to the residual effect on the grain. If this turns out to be an issue, your best option is to replace the wood area entirely. More info on hardwood floor water damage right here.

The extent and cost of your water damage fix is dependent on your budget, if you have homeowners insurance, it may be worthwhile to file a claim and get reimbursed on the costs.

Did you find this information useful? I’d love to interact with you, so please post up your water damage comments and join the conversation!